Could You Survive This Brutally Honest Photo Critique?

For up-and-coming photographers, a critique of their work by someone they admire can be an amazing and rewarding experience. But, it can also be a hard pill to swallow. Such is definitely the case in Vice’s new series, “Take it or Leave it with Bruce Gilden.” The award-winning Guggenheim Fellow and Magnum photographer is known for his no BS personality and style and he doesn’t hold back here.

In the first episode, Bruce Gilden gives his honest opinion of some art photography shots:

Of course, art is subjective, so you may have another opinion about these photos, but you have to admit Gilden knows his stuff. Now a renowned street photographer, he began shooting in 1968 and has been leading the way ever since. The Brooklyn-born photographer has won numerous awards, photographed and been exhibited all over the world, recently won a Guggenheim Fellowship, and has a charming way of turning a phrase.

It’s interesting to hear what he has to say about the art photography submitted. And while it may seem a little harsh at times, the honest, straightforward criticism is refreshing.

honest art photo critique

“To drape lights around her and make her a living sculpture doesn’t add anything to the picture, and she’s got this stupid grin on her face. I think people should be illuminated from within, not from without.”

The photographers in the second episode of “Take it or Leave it” should really be scared because the medium is Gilden’s forte—street photography:

A little blunt at times, but Gilden offers completely honest and helpful reviews. What do you think?

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