Comparing Student & Pro Photographers on Location

Are pro photographers really good at what they do? Or do they call themselves a pro just because they’ve been doing it for a while? To compare the results of a professional photographer against an amateur, Jessica Kobeissi decided to go up against a photography student in her latest video. Let’s see how their works compare:

Kobeissi challenges a photography student for a portrait shoot-off with the same model. They start off using the student’s kit to take the photos; later on, they continue using Kobeissi’s professional setup with a flash.

As you’ll see in the video, Kobeissi’s photographs have a slight edge to them. Her composition and posing are slightly better. However, the real difference is the way they work with their subject. While the student is relatively reserved and seems unsure about what kind of pose she wants, Kobeissi is the complete opposite. Being a professional, and having worked with models for a long time, Kobeissi is very assertive and vocal with the model. As a result, it’s natural for her to be giving better directions to the model.

If you’ve always wanted to see how the workflow of a professional differs from beginner and amateur photographers, be sure to watch the video. You can actually learn quite a lot about how pro photographers work in the field.

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