Common Mistakes & Simple Solutions for Photographers

Becoming an expert photographer isn’t something that happens overnight. However, some individuals have a natural eye for picking up on what looks good. Popular social media influencer Sorelle Amore just so happens to be one of those people:

Paid by advertisers to travel the world in luxury, Sorelle’s bread and butter is entirely dependent on how well she’s able to document her adventures. Needless to say, she’s picked up a treasure chest of photographic dos and don’ts since becoming an internet celebrity. Here are just a few pointers that help guide the young image maker when she works behind the camera.

Keep it simple

It’s never a bad idea to stick to capturing two or three strong key elements per composition. When you try adding too much to a photograph, you risk confusing your viewer. Instead, aim to create a piece that’s easy to digest and commands attention.

Use your head

Specifically when composing a portrait, think very carefully about your surroundings. Be cognizant of horizon lines, trees, or poles; they may unintentionally divide your image and throw a scene off balance.

Don’t blow out the highlights

There’s no bringing back bright, blown out areas in post-production. For this reason, many photographers opt to underexpose a shot if it isn’t possible to capture everything evenly in one frame. Drawing details out of shadows is always a possibility when working with a wide gamut of tones.

Keep it real

Avoid over-posing. Whether you’re taking a selfie or bringing in models, try to retain a natural feel to your photographs. Your viewers generally will not respond as strongly if your images seem inauthentic or staged.

natural pose

Embrace the edit

Every now and then, you’ll run into a photographer who claims that editing decreases the value of an image or reflects poorly on the person behind the camera. Disregard this sentiment; there is always room for improvement. With all the post-processing tools available, it’s silly not to spend a bit of time sprucing up an image that you’re proud of to make it the best it possibly can be.

Don’t go overboard

Editing images is well worth the effort you put into it. However, it’s worth noting that overworking an image can be detrimental. Avoid over saturating, over sharpening, etc. More often than not, a little bit of an effect will take you a long way.

good editing vs. bad editing

Get your focus sharp

You always want the most important elements of a photograph to be in focus. For instance, it’s almost always wise to hone in and get a sharp view of a person’s eyes when making a portrait. Think about where you’d like your viewer’s eyes to land, and prioritize that area.

Consider composition

For beginners, a decent composition is almost guaranteed when the rule of thirds is taken into consideration. Some subjects also look quite good perfectly centered. Play around from those jumping off points until you find something unique and captivating.

composing a photograph

Avoid artifacts

Do what you can to retain the integrity of your original image file as much as possible. In other words, keep your photograph looking like a photograph by avoiding unnatural looking edits and adjustments.

Stay on subject

Give your viewer something to look at. By making your subject clear, you then draw in the viewer and provide an invitation to discover the finer details lingering in the surroundings of your scene.

Don’t panic

It’s natural to worry about getting everything right as a beginner. But, to the best of your ability, it’s important to shoot with intention. Don’t click the shutter aimlessly. Take your time to get everything that you can right in camera.

To become a photographic master, there are dozen of other small points that need to be taken into consideration and practiced religiously. However, Sorelle’s tips are designed to provide immediate results and help build the confidence necessary to move forward. Begin making creative strides by integrating these techniques into your everyday workflow. Before you know it, you’ll be catching the eyes of just about everyone.

“These are the kind of rules you can’t really break if you want to have great photographs.”

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  1. Tony says:

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    There seem to be a lot of good tutorials in there but wanted to get some more opinions before following through with it. Let me know what you think! I look forward to reading more of your posts in the future!

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