Color Harmonies in Landscape Photography

We all know the importance of colors in our photographs. We use colors to express the way we see the world. Moreover, capturing colors in their true vibrance is the passion of millions of photographers everywhere. But do we really have a clear understanding of the underlying fundamental theory of colors? Can we say that we understand exactly how things like complementary colors, or analogous colors, or maybe even triadic colors work in a photograph? Perhaps not. Photographer James Popsys has some interesting things to share about color theory:

Popsys mentions monochromatic color, for example, which might be something that you already have a fair understanding of. It’s a pretty common technique and you can easily identify it when someone uses it. Just look for the photos that stick to various tones of one hue.

Then again, there are many other aspects color theory that you may not be familiar with. If you wish to learn more about things like split complementary colors, or perhaps the plain innocuous square, this video by Popsys is a great introduction.

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