Clever Illustrator Puts His Cartoon Drawings into Real Life

Talk about putting a little fun into everyday life. Storyboard artist Marty Cooper (aka “Hombre McSteez”) turns goofy little doodles into “an odd creature-infested cartoon universe” using transparent animation cels, sharpies, white-out, and his iPhone 5S:

Cooper uses traditional animation cels and his iPhone 5s to insert his cartoons into real world scenes. He can take virtually any everyday scene—from a coffee shop to a simple lonesome country highway—and turn them into magical stories involving giant bugs drinking coffee or Bigfoot mama and baby roaming the countryside.

The artist takes his images even further to make short animated videos, really bringing the creatures to life (via PetaPixel). Check out Hombre McSteez’s Aug(De)Mented Reality:

To create this type of video, Cooper uses a unique stop-motion animation technique which involves drawing on both the transparent cels and his iPhone and some post-animation digital effects. The results are both amusing and impressive.

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