Cityscape Rooftop Timelapse Captured in Toronto, Canada

You get the sense that you’re actually watching the city of Toronto awaken from almost every angle you could possibly imagine. “City Rising” by Tom Ryaboi has some amazing sequences that seem impossible to capture. Take a look for yourself. It simply cannot be put into words. The man had a vision, and he conveyed it with such an attention to detail that you almost feel like you are indeed there, experiencing Toronto from a perspective that very few people have ever seen. Take a look:

Ryaboi says that even after a decade of shooting still photography, he found that timelapse photography was a whole other monster. He explains,

“Over and above all the technical challenges—motion control gear, constantly changing light, aperture flicker—shooting a timelapse forces you to look inside. After setting up your shot, there’s often not much you can do for hours, but sit up there and ponder while the camera does its thing.”

Foggy Toronto Landscape Rooftop Timelapse

The stills themselves are beautiful and full of wonder, but it’s when they’re put into motion that the true message is clearest. Alone, they speak for themselves—together, they take on a life of their own.

Toronto Night Lights Timelapse

The attention to detail, the choice of angles, the subject matter, and the stunning photo quality are what makes these images stand out on their own! When put together, they are beyond breathtaking in the form of a timelapse. In the video description, Ryaboi explains his vision:

“With City Rising I wanted to bring others up to this perspective, and from here, show them the city as they have never seen it before—where the boundary between earth and sky is unclear and the placid beauty of the city lays spread out below, quietly humming along.”

Toronto Rooftop Timelapse

The time and effort put into this project definitely shows in every single one of the images. At one point you even get to watch the dome close over Rogers Center. How clever! If you haven’t watched the full video yet, what are you waiting for? You’re in for a real treat! Even the music is beautiful. Enjoy!

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