Challenges for Engagement Photographers in the Age of Instagram

As of 2017, over 600 million users around the world have registered on the massive picture sharing network Instagram. With the rise of social media, photography (professional and amateur alike) has become more accessible and pertinent to the average person than ever before.

The pioneers of the virtual networking universe, millennials have adopted apps like Instagram as second nature. This hilarious parody produced by John Crist highlights the lengths they’re willing to go to to get the perfect shot of the perfect moment—even if it means stepping out of the moment to do so:

With the capabilities the average smart phone camera offers, anyone can become a director. These days, it’s not unusual to scrutinize and critically consider composition, angles, and most importantly “shareability.” Regular people are even catching on to the beauty of the golden hour!

taking pictures with smart phone

Most of us can relate on some level to the moment this newly engaged couple shared while trying to snap the perfect proposal shot (whether we’re willing to admit to it or not)!

“Babe, it’s so beautiful…look at all these likes!”

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