Celebrity Photographs and the Stories Behind Them

A powerful portrait can give viewers a look into the mind of their favorite celebrities. They tell a story about the individual and show us their true personality. The stories and inspiration behind the making of said portraits are usually quite interesting, but rarely discussed. That is, until now. Famous photographer, Mark Seliger takes a moment to sit down with actor and photographer Matthew Modine, as well as celebrity photographer Martin Schoeller to trade stories about some of their most powerful portraits:

Modine, somewhat of a traditionalist, says that for him, photography is about simplicity. He follows the less is more school, citing that keeping subject matter to a minimum amplifies the power of what is present in the photograph. Schoeller, on the other hand, takes somewhat of a different approach, as you can see in the following photo.

celebrity photography

Though the two photographers have different approaches to their work, both have created some rather iconic images, which should show you just how important it is to establish personal style as a photographer.

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