Casual Portrait Photography Setups & Lighting

Just because the photo shoot is casual doesn’t mean the team behind Blinq Photography took things less seriously. When photographing a pair of Ironman athletes, Blinq gave it their all to make sure that not just the subjects were well lit, but also the surrounding atmosphere. Paying attention to even the finest details, the team went so far as to make sure that even the wood in the photographs was lit in a way to make it complement the rest of the photograph. That kind of detail is what makes a professional, well, a professional. Have a look at the crew doing their thing and having good time on the set of the shot, right here:

Here’s a rundown on the equipment Blinq used to get the following shot:

Here’s one of the images from the shoot:

behind the scenes photoshoot

Casual Environment Portrait

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4 responses to “Casual Portrait Photography Setups & Lighting”

  1. Kay Brown says:

    Most of us don’t have the thousands of dollars to have this kind of setup. My budget is limited to cheap aluminum shop lights and Pringles cans. ;-0

  2. vass says:

    great work

    but how can you shoot 1/400 with flash and avoid the curtain in the shot?

  3. Stevo says:

    I am not sure whether those pictures are good.
    You may check Kevin Kubota who does excellent shots combining ambient and flash.
    To me, some of those shots are over expose

  4. Max says:

    They really have no clue of what the are doing…

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