Candid Street Photography

Being a great street photographer is not just about being able to compose great photographs. To be a good street photographer, one must know how to be stealthy when needed and sociable when the time calls for it. There is a delicate balance between the two that requires an almost instinctive understanding of the nature of people. Growing up skateboarding the streets of San Francisco, Travis Jensen has fine tuned his street skills and is now using them to document his beloved city from behind a camera. Check out the following profile to pick up a few from tips:

Jensen uses a variety of cameras but primarily sticks to his pocketable point-and-shoot or his iPhone. As the technology advances on these devices, we are beginning to see their use more and more widespread among even some of the most serious street photographers.iphone street photography

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  1. Karl Morley says:

    can it get dangerous sometimes

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