Camera Throwing: An Interesting & Risky Maneuver

Ever wonder what would happen if you set the self timer on your camera and tossed it into the air just to see what kind of picture you’d get? The results are pretty¬†unpredictable, but that’s all part of the fun with this experiment. Using a wide or fisheye lens and a fixed focus, you can get some pretty interesting shots. Take a look at what Kai came up with in the following video, filmed in part during a typhoon that swept across Hong Kong:

Kai went through a few cameras throughout the course of filming—four if you count the fake camera he used for catching practice. As mentioned in the video, you have to be pretty confident in your catching abilities and you risk dropping and potentially breaking your camera regardless, so use caution! The following couple of pictures were taken using the same method:

camera throwing techniques

Photo captured by Zola-Delphia

throwing a camera

Photo captured by wcupmartin6

“It’s probably not the kind of photography for everyone, but it’s quite an interesting point of view. The important part is that you know how to catch it and are confident or foolish enough to think that you can keep catching it.”

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4 responses to “Camera Throwing: An Interesting & Risky Maneuver”

  1. photoman022 says:

    When I originally saw this on youtube I thought, the guy is crazy! I guess you can be crazy if someone provides you with the camera you need to throw in the air. As for me, until I hit the lottery, my camera will be firmly on my shoulder (q-strap) and in my hands!

  2. Mkhongk says:

    Usually after some drinks I would put a point and shoot camera on a lanyard and twist the lanyard up. Everyone (drunk) stands in a circle and i hold the camera up by the lanyard. while the lanyard unwinds the self timer counts down….click….makes for some very funny, interesting and sometimes embarrassing pictures…

  3. Todd says:

    We do the same thimg on a rope. Kind of like the bat the ball game in the school yards that the ball goes around the pole. IAfter a few screwed up shots I rigged it up so the camera would stay facing outwards but still have the ability to spin on itsd on if it was so pushed. Makes for weird nights in the backyards campfire crowd shots. depending on the wxposure time can get some real screwed up shots/

  4. Todd says:


    Dont forget you can rig up a parachute and really get a good toss with your camera too make sure the rigging allows your camera to point in the direction you want while hanging off the chute.
    Makes for higher throws and safer landings if you miss (drinking etc) or use a cheap camera

    the best shot is long exposure with a straight down shot as it descend

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