Bundle Deal from 10 Landscape Photography Experts

A well-rounded collection of ebooks and video courses was designed to strengthen every part of your photography workflow. We were able to arrange an offer for PictureCorrect readers which has expired, sorry about that, stay tuned to see what’s next!

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From Planning to Post Processing, 10 Experts Help You Accelerate Your Photographic Journey

What You Get

  • In-depth lessons from some of the best photography instructors out there
  • Instruction from a variety of teachers with different insight and teaching styles
  • Video Courses, ebooks, and tutorials that provide information on all aspects of photography – from fieldwork to post-processing and so much more
  • Find out how pro landscape photographers use filters to capture stunning images with Varina and Jay Patel
  • Improve your craft and bring your creative artistic vision to new heights with Ian Plant
  • Learn to create dramatic travel photos with Clint Burkishaw
  • Discover tricks and techniques for capturing amazing sunsets – and make the most of them in post-processing with Brent Mail
  • Build a solid Lightroom and Photoshop foundation with Johny Spencer and Joshua Cripps
  • Take your post-processing skills to new heights, and develop an effective workflow with Sean Bagshaw and Colby Brown
  • Bring out brilliant color and incredible detail in Perfect Effect with Nicole Young
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10 eBooks and Video Courses to Improve Your Landscape Photography

10 eBooks and Video Courses

1. Essential Filters

  • workshop-style video course
  • learn how to create stunning images using photography filters
  • learn when and why to use filters

2. Visual Flow & Chasing the Light

  • two eBooks meant to help you improve your craft
  • bring your creative artistic vision to new heights
  • essential tips related to composition, exposure, and light

3. Travel Photography: A Guide for the Beginner and Enthusiast

  • learn how to create memorable travel photos
  • essential skills required to take your photography to the next level

4. Lightroom Essentials

  • learn how to post process your landscape images quickly
  • learn to save time with the editing and workflow shortcut
  • step-by-step, bite-sized video lessons

5. Photoshop Fundamentals


  • master the most important skills and tools in Photoshop
  • 3-part tutorial demystifies the complexities of Photoshop
  • covers the most important adjustments and how to best use them
  • global and local editing techniques for fine-tuning your photos
  • in-depth discussion of layers, layer adjustments, masking, and basic exposure blending using layers
  • a complete look at raw conversion using Adobe Camera Raw

6. The Complete Post-Processing Workflow, Volume 1

  • an in-depth look at the complete workflow editing process, from start to finish

7. The Complete Post-Processing Workflow, Volume 2

  • learn how to use Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop, onOne Software and Nik Collection by Google
  • understand how to leverage the strengths of each program to work more effectively together

8. Photoshop Developing Workflow

  • establish an organized, best practice, non-destructive Photoshop workflow
  • fundamental steps to working with Photoshop layers, selections, masks, and blending modes
  • methods for achieving proper color balance and tone balance throughout an image
  • non-destructive adjustments, sizing, and sharpening images for the web and for fine art prints

vibrant landscape

9. The Complete Guide to onOne’s Perfect Effects

  • a demonstration of all of the features of onOne’s Perfect Effects 9
  • how to use each filter
  • what all of the tools do
  • how to work with and manage presets
  • a complete walk-through of processing several images

10. Amazing Sunset Photography

  • step-by-step video series
  • covers what equipment to bring, how to choose the best location
  • HDR and long exposure
  • post processing techniques.

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