Boxing Photography Setup and Direction Techniques

Los Angeles photographer Mark Singerman excels at capturing environmental portraits of both celebrities and everyday people. His use of contextual backdrops and his ease in working with his subjects give his photographs a meaningful sense of place and personality.

Watch Singerman at work, as he skillfully directs, lights, and photographs professional boxer Fernando Guerrero at Westside Boxing:

Armed with a Nikon D7000, Speedlights, and wireless triggers, Singerman was able to get a wide variety of shots by moving all around the scene and placing lights in a number of different positions. In addition to a shoot-through umbrella, he used a Paul C. Buff soft box, which he sometimes aimed directly at Guerrero and other times bounced off the ceiling. He also cleverly used the boxing facility’s mirrors to help with reflecting the light back onto his subject.



Mastering the technical side of photography is crucial for producing the kinds of shots that Singerman regularly delivers. But his ease at working with his clients is just as essential. During the shoot featured in the video, he directed the model by asking him to try out different moves and demonstrated the poses he’s after. As you look behind the scenes, you can sense the comfort with which the photographer and boxer worked together. And he also made the shoot more enjoyable by adding in extra effects. Singerman brought a dry ice fog machine to this shoot, which accentuated the final photos of this champion boxer and made the shoot fun.



Combining technical skills with people skills allows Mark Singerman to work with his models confidently. This short look at a boxing photography shoot gives us a little taste of what it takes to create great environmental portraits of anyone.

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  1. Carol Bell says:

    Very neat, makes me want to go to the ring!! Love the face shots you got.

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