Blurred Background Photography

As Jay P. Morgan points out in the following video tutorial, it becomes difficult to come up with new ideas if you’re shooting in the same space all the time. Thinking outside the box, Morgan devised a way to add some creative flair on a photo shoot for a client he works with often. By mounting a tripod onto the forklift he was photographing, he could use the movement of the lift to generate motion blur in the background of the photographs. Take a look at the how-to here:

Even though you may not have a forklift readily available for your use, the motion blur technique can easily be reproduced without it.

If your subject is moving, tracking it—or following it with your camera—can produce the same results. The matched movement of your camera should cancel out the movement of your subject, making the subject appear in focus, while blurring the still background. You’ll need to stretch your shutter speed out a bit to get the blur effect, so a tripod with a smooth rotating head will really come in handy.

blurred background photo

How to capture a clear subject with a blurred background.

In scenarios such as the one Morgan encounters on the forklift shoot, your lighting will need to move with your subject so everything stays lit. Keep that in mind when setting up the shoot, as it may require some nimble footed assistants or a secondary rig that can safely move your lights with your subject.

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