Biking Around London Taking Timelapse Photography

Another shining example of timelapse photography has recently been released, this time from a photographer who spent eight days cycling around London with the sole intent of capturing photographs to compile the timelapse video, Restless Nights, which you can enjoy below. Hoping to capture the “hustle and bustle” spirit of London, Paul Richardson had to adapt to create his work of art when the London weather decided to be less than cooperative. Have a look at what he was able to accomplish:

Shot with his Canon 6D, which was outfitted with either a 17-40mm f4, 50mm 1.8, or a 70-200mm f4, Richardson accumulated over 18,000 still images over the course of his trek to make the short video clip. That translates to 364 GB of hard drive space. To capture the motion sequences where the camera appeared to be panning, he built a homemade dolly to which he attached an Emotimo TB3.


After collecting all the photographs, Richardson packed up his bike and went into the studio to enter post production. The entire editing process took him about three weeks in which he spent the majority of time fine tuning all the images and arranging them into a moving image in the form a timelapse.

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