Beyond Thirds: Introduction to Creative Composition eBook

beyond thirds composition ebook

Beyond Thirds eBook

Beyond Thirds: A Photographer’s Introduction to Creative Composition was released today and is an eBook about taking composition past the so-called rules. It’s a thoughtful, practical book about the way we build our photographs within the constraint of the frame.

The author moves past the traditional discussion of thirds by showing how a more holistic approach can turn a conventional rule into a powerful tool. The ebook explores important subjects like the creative use of balance and focal points, insights into how to shape a subject, and using aspect ratio to establish an ideal foundation for making photographs.

Gibson says “What is composition? Put simply, it’s the way that you arrange the elements of a picture within the frame. The way you do this depends on your intent—the mood or ideas you wish to express with the image. Composition has been studied and refined by artists for centuries, and by photographers since the invention of photography nearly 200 years ago. Artists have the advantage over photographers in that they can paint things onto the canvas in any arrangement they desire.”

If you’re looking to probe into questions of composition a little deeper, Beyond Thirds a great place to do that. It’s not encyclopedic, but like all the C&V titles, it’s meaty without being pedantic or academic, and I think that makes learning, and making this kind of teaching our own, much easier.

rules of composition ebook

Example Page from Beyond Thirds eBook

Topics Covered (38 Pages):

  • Introduction
  • The Rule of Thirds
  • Moving Beyond the Rule of Thirds
  • Balance
  • Balance and Stability
  • Two Focal Points
  • The Power of Three
  • The Dynamic Image
  • Shapes Within the Frame
  • Filling the Frame
  • A Shorter Rectangle
  • The Beautiful Square
  • Simplicity
  • Space
  • Subtlety Within the Image
  • Subtle Color
  • Working the Subject
  • Composition in Black and White
  • Conclusion
beyond thirds

Pages and Images from Beyond Thirds

The diagrams and creative exercises will provide you with the ideas and insights you need to compose more engaging photographs.

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