Better Results In-Camera Without Using Photoshop

Photoshop has been a blessing to most of us photographers. It is undoubtedly a very powerful and important tool, but in some ways, it has also made us lazy. It lets us easily fix things in post-processing rather than try and get the image right in-camera. But if you think about it, getting things right in-camera has many advantages. In today’s video, commercial photographer Karl Taylor shares some ideas you can use to take brilliant images without using Photoshop at all:

Why do we turn to Photoshop? It’s usually because we come across imperfections in the final image that we failed to notice when taking the image. Or maybe we were just in a hurry during the photo shoot and figured we could fix any problems later.

But if we spent a little extra time on planning and execution, we could bypass using Photoshop entirely.

“How much Photoshop we need to use for our final images comes down to how willing we are to solve problems while shooting.”

As Taylor rightly points out in the video, the key to getting shots right in-camera is to think logically and apply your knowledge to preemptively solve problems you know you’ll encounter later.  Think of what you’re aiming for in your image. You need to analyze your desired composition and lighting. You should also examine your setup critically so you can solve any issues by modifying your arrangements or camera settings before taking the shot for real.

Getting things right in-camera is such a fulfilling feeling. It is indeed the best alternative to using Photoshop. You might need to invest a little extra time when shooting the image at first, but that’s worth it. What do you feel?

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2 responses to “Better Results In-Camera Without Using Photoshop”

  1. Thanks ..
    For sharing….
    I once did a stillife of a peacock feather with a black light… Back in The film days….
    Great trick… We used what we had witch was our imagination and it worked out great…

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