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photo-black-whiteBlack and white photography is a very intricate type of photography and there are a lot of elements that one needs to look out for in order to create stunning and captivating photographs. How do you end up with better black and white photographs? Here are some tips to help you with your black and white photos:


Since you are limited by fewer tonal values and hues in black and white photography, it would be best if you choose a subject that is dramatically striking even if there is no color to it. The black and white subject that you wish to photograph should not absolutely rely on color for its impact. The holiday hues of red and green might look good together but they might not be as tastefully pleasing when translated to black and white photography. Therefore, it should be remembered that you would be better off if you chose a subject and background that would be interesting when portrayed in black and white. When choosing subjects, it would be better if you do not rely on the colors for its natural beauty. Try to select a picture with different shadows and variations of light in order to make your black and white photographs effective.

photo-black-white2Light and shadow

The elements of light and shadow is very relevant to the mood that a photograph exudes. In order to see how light and shadows affect the emotion and mood of a photograph, try to take a picture of a particular subject at different times of the day and notice the difference they make. A subject that was photographed on a clear sunny day would definitely have a different mood compared to a foggy or overcast day. In the latter, there would be a much different type of hue and tonal value that you’ll be able to capture. Try to capture these differences each and every time the opportunity presents itself. If you can’t find a foggy atmosphere, try to shoot during dusk and dawn where there is a lower level of light in your surroundings.


photo-black-white3One of the most limiting factors in black and white photography is that color is absent. Therefore, black and white photography heavily relies on shapes and dynamic lines for interest. Leading lines which are curved, slanted lines which overlap across each other are the ones that provide black and white photography the dynamism that it needs. The curved lines that one may find in bottles and vases might be a good subject for black and white photography. You can also experiment your black and white still life pictures with something dynamic such as ergonomic shapes such as a computer mouse or stacks of plates. The range of your photographic subjects is only limited by your imagination.


Texture maybe even more important in black and white photography more than it is in color photography simply because texture connotes shadows and a variety of types of lines. A straw hat might be much more visually telling than a normal cotton basketball cap. It would be better if you select photographs that have various textures in it.

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