Better Black & White Photography Guide at 70% Off

Have you ever quickly converted your shots to black & white, hoping to make them “Better”? And the result was bland to say the least? This is a very common occurrence. Knowing how to convert color to B&W with a working understanding of tone and contrast in post-processing is a very different story. This popular in-depth guide is designed to cover EVERYTHING you need to know about producing your own powerful and professional B&W images. We were able to negotiate a 70% discount for our readers which ends soon (only $9). Found here: The Better Black & White Photography Guide

black and white photo guide

New: Better Black & White Photography Guide (Click to Learn More)

A complete step by step guide to beautiful black & white conversions from best-selling photography teacher, Kent DuFault.

Some of the Many Topics Covered (95 pages):

  • How to use the B&W conversion process to IMPROVE your composition
  • Learn why some “old school” knowledge can turn you into a black & white photographer that everyone else will envy
  • The sneaky ways a Pro uses post-production to create amazing tonal range in a black & white photograph
  • The secrets to leveraging “color” for a better black & white photograph
  • Why automation fools so many photographers, like you, into poor black & white image quality
  • How to tell the difference between black & white versus monochrome (This alone could save you in a photo contest)
  • A weird (but effective) way to determine if a scene would look good in black and white
  • The “insider” secrets of the Histogram and creating award-winning black & white photographs
  • The demystifying truth about “The Zone System” and why it’s imperative that you understand it
black white photo

photo by Olli Henze

Every step is detailed in all three programs: Photoshop, Lightroom, & Elements. But even if you don’t have these applications, there’s enough information in here to help you achieve the same results with the software you already have.

Also Discover:

  • Discover the single most violated rule of contrast control
  • Why it’s SO important to understand how color relates to monochrome tone
  • The Surprising Reasons that many B&W images fail
  • How to diagnose “clipping” because it is your enemy
  • What it means if your exposure is BAD- and how to fix it for a Better Black & White
  • A little-known “trick” about determining how colors will transfer to monochrome tone
  • The reason why B&W conversions apps and plugins are popular- and the question- How should you use them?
  • Why ‘presets’ are useless –UNLESS- you are in command of the process
  • Common errors which cause poor image quality
black white landscape

photo by Pacheco

“It doesn’t matter if you love to photograph landscapes, people, macro, abstracts, or any subject that your artistic mind desires- the ‘rules’ of black & white conversion are consistent.

In order to become a true master of black & white photography, you must understand tone and contrast.

You must understand how to control them- and how to manipulate them. I guarantee that my guide will give you the groundwork to become a world-class black and white photographer!”

How to Get a Discounted Copy Today:

We were able to negotiate a 70% discount for our readers today (just $9, normally $30). It also carries a 90 day no-questions-asked guarantee so there is no risk in trying it.

Found here: The Better Black & White Photography Guide at 70% Off

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