Behind the Scenes Tips for Results Like Pro Photographers

You put your best effort in taking an image, and yet when you compare it to a pro’s work, it feels bland. I’m sure you must have come across such a situation. Trust me, most of us have gone through the same thing on our journey as a photographer. Well, that’s because the results depend not only on the camera settings that you use, but also on certain techniques that are involved in the process. In this video, photographer Sean Kitching takes you through a behind the scenes demonstration to show you what it takes to get professional looking results:

The techniques that Kitching demonstrates are not anything out of this world. Yet, they make just the right amount of difference to make the image stand out.

A simple trick is to start looking at things from a different perspective. For instance, when photographing a subject, we usually tend to keep the space between the camera and the subject clear of any obstacle. However, adding certain relevant elements in between adds depth to the image. On a similar note, remember that always shooting from the eye level is boring. Get low, get high, and see how the image changes. You won’t believe the differences you will see just by moving around a bit.

Another simple yet effective technique to make the images a whole lot better is to use props. Using relevant props has several advantages. One, it adds aesthetic value to the image. Second, the model gets something to play with and this helps in getting rid of the awkwardness. And once the model feels free and gets to express themselves, that’s when you can get some pretty amazing images. Speaking of models expressing themselves, have the model move around freely while you take the shot, effectively freezing the motion. With the model running or spinning around, and you capturing the moment, the images look so much better than a posed still one.

What other tips can you think of to take images like the pros?

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