Behind-the-Scenes Tips and Tricks for Bird Photography

Bird photography requires true dedication and an in-depth understanding of not just photography, but also bird habits. The subjects may be small, but they’re pretty darn fast. To give you a hint of what goes into bird photography, photographer Morten Hilmer has put together this amazing behind-the-scenes video:

Hilmer shares what he did completely wrong during his first day out photographing birds with a floating hide, then goes on to elaborate about how he rectified those mistakes and started shooting smarter.

You really need to pay attention to a few key things. These include keeping yourself dry, remaining camouflaged, staying very still, not disturbing the birds and remaining patient.

“When the birds start to be a little nervous, you stop and wait. Then, when the birds relax, you move forward.”

Toward the end of the video, he also shares an adventure he enjoyed while out shooting on a cold and rainy day—and how the trouble was absolutely worth it. If you are into bird photography, be sure to watch the complete video to hear the fun story.

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One response to “Behind-the-Scenes Tips and Tricks for Bird Photography”

  1. trevor smith says:

    Really helpful hints and tips and of course Motivation..
    Keep up the Gr8 work and stay safe.

    Sincerely Trevor

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