Behind the Scenes: RoboCop Photo Shoot

Like any professional photographer who loves what they do, Douglas Sonders decided to use his very rare weekend off from shooting for commercial clients to work on a personal photography project. Since the original movie came out, Sonders has been obsessed with RoboCop, so doing a RoboCop themed shoot was like a dream come true:

After flying to Arizona and road-tripping through the state in a rental car, Sonders finally met up with Reiko, a Phoenix resident who just so happened to have a replica RoboCop costume and squad car.


A warehouse in Phoenix was used as a backdrop for many of the shots.

Using the PhaseOne IQ140 and PhaseOne lenses, Sonders spent two and half hours photographing RoboCop. To help balance out the lighting he used a Profoto D1 500 and 1000 powered by a pair of Honda EU2000 Quiet Generators. For light diffusion he used a Chimera Octobox and beauty dish.


The moody sky helped to create a cinematic look.

After the shoot was over, Sonders post-processed the RAW images to get the mood and colors just right. The final images convey the cinematic look he was going for.

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