Behind the Scenes of a Light Painting Photo Shoot

Light painting is a popular technique used by photographers to make creative images that make viewers wonder, “How’d they do that?” While it isn’t necessarily difficult to get started in light painting, it does get increasingly challenging and more time consuming the more advanced you get. Take a look at this behind the scenes clip of two light painting artists as they set out to create some awesome glowing orb light paintings:

Michael Richards and Cameron Edser have an extensive setup that allows them to create images using a variety of methods, including motion control, stereoscopic 3D, long exposure, HDR, light painting, and timelapse photography.

light painting techniques

Richards and Edser use extensive equipment to create light orbs.

The orb you see in the photo above was made using a motion controlled light source that spun a glowing light around in a predetermined motion while the camera was taking a long exposure. Their setup, while sizable, is completely mobile, which allows the photographers to take their orb to all sorts of locations.


Part of an advanced light-painting setup.

It’s interesting to see what light painting photographers use to create their images. Gear can go from complicated setups as seen in the video to nothing more than a tripod and a glow stick on a string.

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