Behind the Scenes of a Creative “Love Sick” Couples Photoshoot

One of the greatest things about photography is the freedom to express yourself through your art. To show your take on an emotion, feeling or concept, to be different.

But this is also a great challenge. How do you portray a feeling? And will your audience get it?

Photographer Simeon Quarrie was faced with this challenge when he had to come up with a unique way to shoot a couple’s pre-wedding photos. What he visualized was a completely creative and different way of embracing the feeling of being love sick:

Quarrie took into consideration the couple’s medical backgrounds and came up with the Love Sick theme to really capture the beautiful, heartwrenching, crippling feeling of being so madly in love.

So in love that your heart skips a beat, you lose your appetite and you feel dizzy!

love sick couple

But he couldn’t help having reservations about releasing the Behind the Scenes video. While the couple loved the final images and he received a positive response on Facebook, Quarrie still worried what the online community, his peers, would think.

He finally put his reservations aside when the Love Sick photos resulted in more work, an undeniable sign that people were really digging his creative limit pushing drive. Just goes to show that risk taking can pay off!

Lesson learned, and as Quarrie says himself now,


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