Beautiful Photos of Little Wedding Details

Wedding photography has changed significantly over the last few years, and a photojournalistic approach now seems to be most common. But what certainly makes the story interesting are the little details that you don’t want to forget, no matter what kind of photography you prefer when it comes to weddings. The bride’s shoes, the colorful bouquet of flowers, the rings—these all serve to complete the story:

ring, wedding

photo by Sean Molin

flowers, button, wedding, detail

photo by Zoe


photo by Amie Fedora

couple, cake, wedding

photo by Dustin Diaz

flower, bouquet

photo by Giulia Mulè

shoes, white, wedding

photo by Marc Becher

camera, screen, photo, wedding

photo by BennyL

wedding, best, day

photo by Ed Dunens

birdcage, wedding,

photo by Gemma Morgan

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