Beautiful Imagery from New York Ballet’s Street Art Installation

A Parisian street artist known only as “JR” has been making waves in the international art scene for a few years now. So much so that the New York City Ballet contracted him to design their latest art installation. You can check out the part-documentary, part-trailer for the exhibit here:

The trailer makes the final product look intriguingly ambiguous, but it definitely looks cool. JR’s trademark is taking powerful photographs and pasting them–large-scale–on physical boards and walls across Paris.

“It’s just a portrait. For me, it has no meaning until I do something with it. The moment I started pasting photos on the street, I realized the power of paper and glue. The power of actually an image on the street, and how people would actually react to it.” – JR


JR works in large-scale prints pasted across the streets of Paris.


He uses the movement of ballet in his photographs, generating powerful and evocative shapes out of human bodies. The ballet was a natural fit. The end product, a massive cloud-like eye, was pasted on the floor of the NYCB’s main hall.


This photographic work was pasted on the floor of the New York City Ballet’s main hall.

“The skills of dance help the artwork become such another piece.” – JR 

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