Base Jump Photoshoot with a Fashion Model, Brave Photographer for This One

This is probably one of the coolest videos you’ll see all week: ridiculously attractive people jumping from ridiculously dangerous heights. Italian BASE jumper and fashion model Roberta Mancino teamed up with photographer Noah Bahnson and a host of other sexy suits to leap off Monte Brento:

The project was commissioned in part by world-renowned fashion designer Roberto Cavalli, and released in February, just in time for Valentine’s Day. Bahnson shot the photos and footage with cameras strapped to his helmet:


Photographer is first to jump and turn around for the shot (Via Facebook, Click to See Full Size)

This video is a fantastic example of the type of thing most of us could and would never make.


Very strange and terrifying fashion photo (Via Facebook, Click to See Full Size)

Then again, it would look a lot more terrifying if these Italian supermodels didn’t somehow hold their typically stoic facial expressions the entire time.


Extreme fashion models (Via Facebook, Click to See Full Size)

You can see Bahnson’s aerial photography/videography equipment setup here:

base jump fashion photography equipment

The daredevil photographer’s equipment (Via Facebook, Click to See Full Size)

The project certainly brings new meaning to the phrase “high fashion”.

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32 responses to “Base Jump Photoshoot with a Fashion Model, Brave Photographer for This One”

  1. hanna hong says:

    they are awesome…i wanna try this indeed….their fashion and their body are all good…wow…

  2. What is amazing is that you notice in some shots the female model jumped with her heels on but landed barefoot with the shoes in her hand. That means she had to take them off during the flight. Besides holding the stoic expression, that was an impressive feat of modeling LOL

  3. Chris says:

    Can anybody tell me about the song we hear in this spot?

  4. captain obvious says:

    ^^Or the shoes just fell off by themsleves

  5. EVE says:

    Roberta u are just amazing!! RESPECT! ;))

  6. concernedCitizen says:

    They aren’t models! They are base jumpers and most likely athletic “models” who are simply dressed in high fashion clothing.

  7. Marie Torelli says:

    Roberta is indeed a REAL Fadhion Model and when u r flying under your parachute (canopy) it’s easy to take your shoes off!!

  8. bobbyjoe says:

    base jumpers well dressed…. ok… what’s next ?

  9. mike ahuja says:

    really really good stuff here

  10. earl gandel says:

    The photographer had a helmet but the jumpers didn’t?

  11. Bunzy says:

    wanna try this with my friends!!!

  12. I love this – the models are great and the photography is even more impressive, to get those fantastic angles in free fall. I have watched this three times now. It is so exhilarating and inspirational. Thank you for sharing!

  13. HUI KA YUE says:

    i want to try

  14. Simon says:

    What is the music? Does anyone know?

  15. Wow awesome! What a cool photography concept….and now I want to go base jumping! haha

  16. Phil says:

    Chris – the song is “Non Capisco” (Capito). I found it on YouTube:

  17. jenny says:

    Great to have the video as a background to the stills photographs. I love it! Its like a virtual interdisciplinary ramp show with the music, the cool moves and I …. oh my gosh I wish I had looked at the clothing!!!! Ha ha ha … So its not a clothing fashion shoot. Its a photography pack shop shoot for the gear and its great!!!

  18. Carlo Pizza e Francesco Ravioli says:

    Two girls (at least) are actually smiling: watch more carefully the video…

  19. Jos Studios says:

    Completely wild and beautiful. How about some B role shots next time. I’m available. :) JOS

  20. olesia says:

    and probably the shoes :)

  21. Yolanda Santoyo says:

    all I can say is they looked fabulous going down in the fog..
    for me.. no bueno… “I like to watch , Eve “

  22. mary says:

    omg! i think she lost her heels on the way down….!!!

  23. Jenna Lee says:

    Roberta is an awesome extreme athlete/model.. she also free.dives and rides sharks!
    GoPro: Director’s Cut – Shark Riders:

  24. annascott776 says:

    WOW!!.. This is amazing..Photography is all in the photographers hand .. and it depends on his talent and creativity that how best he can capture good photographs.. Here is amazing photographs shot by Stephan, sweden photographer this may really inspire u

  25. Lemuel says:

    Peculiar article, esactly ѡhat ӏ needed.

  26. Karl says:

    Can’t see how this has anything to do with either fashion or particularly interesting or good photography. Quite boring actually.

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