Barcelona Spain Hyperlapse & Timelapse Photography

The merging of ancient civilization and sophisticated, sleek modernity, there’s no doubt that the city of Barcelona is one of Spain’s greatest bragging points. Established centuries ago by the Romans, it now boasts a population of over 1.6 million. Though Ukrainian photographer Kirill Neiezhmakov has filmed the magic and movement of cities like Kuwait, Prague, Dubai, and Hong Kong, his take on Barcelona stands out for its incredible beauty:

Neiezhmakov masterfully merges hyperlapse and timelapse techniques to a create a constant sense of motion, reflective of the animated nature of the city itself. The moments captured with his Canon 60D, Canon 70D, and GoPro Hero 4 may not seem special on their own. The sun dipping below Serra de Collserola mountains and tourists shuffling through Sagrada Família are daily happenings. No one looks twice at the turning of the city’s clocktower or the transfer of a shipping container along the port.

La Sagrada Família

However, when shown against the still backdrops of historic architecture and statues, it’s impossible to ignore the vitality pulsing through the streets and buildings. Whipping through the city, the faces of tourists and locals alike fuse into a singular blur in constant flux. The camera’s eye jumps from sites old and new, cosmopolitan and provincial.

Barcelona foggy night

Despite being an outsider, Kirill is well aware of complexities that form Barcelona’s identity. For this reason, he takes care to capture all things happening, big and small.

Barcelona, Spain sunset

Not all of us are lucky enough to visit Spain and see this great metropolis with our own eyes. Luckily for us, this stunning portrait allows people around the world to experience a taste of what the city has to offer from the comfort of home.

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    Great colors. I lead photography tours in Barcelona and it has great views for general travel photography

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