Bad Weather Black & White Photography Tips

One of the greatest variables dedicated landscape photographers have to accept is the weather. You can spend hours scouting locations and thousands of dollars on the best possible equipment. But even the mightiest photographer is powerless when pitted against Mother Nature.

Obviously, the weather has a dramatic impact on the light, and in turn, our photographs. When it’s not ideal outdoors, many photographers will give up without even trying. UK artist Nigel Danson isn’t so easily deterred.

Great photographers have the ability to adapt to whatever their environment throws at them, and Danson shows exactly what that means in this means. In this case, a gray day at the beach turns into an opportunity for some moody, reflective shots.

And, while the colors in the file may not blow us out of the water, a black and white conversion and some tonal adjustments really bring the photographs alive. Want to learn exactly what measures he took to make this photoshoot shine? You’ll have to watch to find out!

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