How to Keep Your Photos Safe: Backup or Die

So how important is backup? It really comes down to how much you value the photography you create for clients or for your family. Do you want to make sure it won’t be lost forever? Then backing it up properly is critical. This new eBook explains the most time-efficient and fail-proof methods for backing up photos locally and online: Backup or Die – How to Keep Your Photos Safe

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New: Backup or Die – How to Keep Your Photos Safe (Click to Learn More)

Imagine you’re a professional wedding photographer, and you’ve lost the photo of a couple’s first kiss. Imagine how they will react, how you’ll feel, and how it will affect your business.

Now imagine losing photos of your own children or your family members. Think about how it would feel to know that you could never get those images back.

A while back I learned this the hard way when I had a folder of travel/vacation photos on a Mac suddenly become corrupt, rendering them unreadable with no backup copies. I had never heard of corrupt files before but have since heard other stories since I started sharing mine. Have you ever lost any important photos? Please share on our Facebook or Google Plus.

Some of the many topics covered (119 pages):

  • Once Upon a Time…
  • 5 Ways Data is Often Lost
  • Important Concept: Offsite
  • Long-Term Safety
  • Backup Equipment
  • Important Concept: Don’t Fill to the Maximum Capacity
  • Transfer Speeds Compared
  • Backup Types
  • Offsite & Onsite/Offline
  • Incremental Backup
  • Mirrored Backup
  • Online Internet Backups
  • Bootable Clone Backup
  • RAID hard drive configurations
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Pages from Backup or Die (Click to See More)

  • Safety Backup
  • Backup Software
  • Restoring Files
  • Backup Plans
  • Level 1, 2, and 3 Backup Plans with Pro/Cons of Each
  • File Organization
  • Travel Backup Plan
  • Creating Your Backup System
  • Basic Backup Workflow
  • Data Corruption
  • Dealing with Hard Drive Failure
  • Conclusion

A solid backup plan involves multiple types of backups to be effective. No single strategy alone can protect you from all the scary threats out there. The backup plans outlined in this ebook are separated into three levels, with increasing amounts of security. The first two levels are a good start, but there are gaps. The third level gives you the most protection, but requires more work to set it up.

How to Get a Copy:

It also carries a 60 day no-questions-asked guarantee, if you are not satisfied with any part of the book just let them know and they will give you a full refund so there is no risk in trying it.

It can be found here: Backup or Die – How to Keep Your Photos Safe

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