Awesome Camera Obscura Timelapse Combines the Old With the New

Daniel Tellman, a pinhole camera enthusiast, built a camera obscura for his daughter, which is a pretty awesome thing to do for anyone. Then, after spending time playing with the camera himself, he decided to document the magic the camera obscura captured using timelapse photography and a DSLR. The results are nothing short of enchanting:

Tellman set up the camera obscura to project on the drapes around a window and set the camera equipment up like you see here:


When the lights were out, he created this beautiful visualization of the world outside his window:


The timelapse video Tellman created, called Draperia Obscura, is dream-like.

pinhole camera

Inverted Camera Obscura Projection

The juxtaposition of the old techniques and recording using modern technology is part of what made this timelapse so great.

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