Automotive Photographer Fights Weather to Capture Supercar

A torrential downpour didn’t stop commercial photographer, Chris Benny, when he was asked to photograph a V8 Supercar for Pepsi Australia. With only three hours to work with the car before it was sent off to the racetrack, Benny originally planned for the shoot to happen outside, but mother nature had other plans. Take a look here:

After spending some precious time relocating the shoot to an indoor location, Benny set up a couple Profoto heads and tethered his Canon Mark 5D III to an iPad. Despite the setbacks, Benny was still able to pull of some great shots.

With such limited time on set, Benny ended up doing quite a bit more work than originally planned in Photoshop–about 5 hours total– adding in backgrounds Benny previously shot in New Zealand. The next time rain puts a damper on your photoshoot, remember, what hurts us only makes us stronger!

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