Athlete Portrait Photography Techniques

When it comes to photographing athletes, the sport itself provides much of the excitement in the final image. But, what about when not taking action shots?

In this behind the scenes photoshoot with Matt Barnes, we get a look at how he creates action, like natural snowfall, while he shoots some of Red Bull’s biggest winter athletes:

Red Bull gave Matt the freedom to do pretty much what he wanted with the athletes and images, so he came up with three different sets to capture the athletes:

1. The Hero Image – With the athlete set against a winter backdrop and blowing snow and smoke.

2. Simple Images on White – Stripping away everything but the athlete.

3. Slick and On Black – Sporty looking; epic but simple.

matt barnes photography

All in all, a great day and a great photoshoot. It has to be super fulfilling when not only are you happy with the final images, but your models are impressed and happy to be a part of your work!

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  1. Jun says:

    Well done. Very creative photos!

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