Around the World in 360 Degrees: 3-Year Adventurous Selfie Project Filmed via GoPole

“36 Countries. 600 Days. 5 Motorcycles. 125,946 Miles Driven,” reads the introductory briefing for photographer and filmmaker Alex Chacón‘s latest video adventure project. Having decided to create an “ultimate selfie compilation,” Chacón motorbiked to some of the world’s most iconic locales and filmed selfie videos of himself using a GoPro.

What made Chacón’s project unique when compared to other adventure selfie projects? Why, his selfies span 360 degrees with the help of a GoPole extension rod, of course! Watch the video here:

Originally a medical student from El Paso, Texas, Alex Chacón is a pioneer in the motorcycle adventuring sphere. He has undertaken a number of lengthy motorcycle expeditions around the world to raise money for charities, and he began his first long journey by selling everything that he had—his house, his car, everything—to fulfill his dream of “traveling the world [in] the most adventurous way possible”: by motorbike.

alex chacon 360 degrees around the world motorbike motorcycle adventure

Chacón graduated from the University of Texas with a medical degree.

During his 600-day adventure, Chacón fell in love with a number of the places and people that he encountered, but he told Daily Mail that three of his favorite destinations so far are Alaska, Bolivia, and Brazil. He received great inspiration from Alaska, particularly, when he was able to finally witness and capture the Northern Lights—on his birthday.

“It inspired me and fulfilled me with positive energy to continue traveling,” he said. “[The whole trip] completely altered my being… It was a very nice spiritual journey.”

You can watch the full-length Modern Motorcycle Diaries video that started it all here:

“It was the most liberating experience any human could ever have.” –Alex Chacón via CBS This Morning

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