Architecture Photography: 7 Tips & Techniques

Architecture photography involves taking images of buildings and cityscapes from the outside as well as the inside. While this genre of photography may require specialized equipment in some cases, the basic principles are the same. COOPH shares seven effective tips to perfect your architecture photography:

1. Compose with Solid Lines

The trick is to look for and use solid lines to lead the viewers toward the focal point. This creates a compelling image and guides viewers’ eyes throughout the frame.

solid lines in architecture photography

2. Shoot Upward

When shooting tall buildings, a tilted camera introduces perspective distortion. Professional results require using a tilt-shift lens to combat this, but you can use the distortion to your advantage to make the ordinary look extraordinary.

Also, try and put foreground elements in sync with the background for amazing results.

shoot upwards

3. Capture Curvature

Curves make for excellent leading lines. Modern day architecture makes use of curves that you can include in your images to make them more dynamic.

curves in architecture photography

Alternatively, you can use curves to frame your subject.

arc used to frame a building

4. Shoot Wide

Architectural photography calls for wide angle lenses. They have two main benefits. First, they allow you to fit more of the buildings in the frame. And second, they have a greater depth of field; most parts of the buildings will be in focus.

wide angle architecture photograph

5. Use Negative Space

The sky is a perfect canvas for negative space in architectural photography. Including negative space makes your viewers pay more attention to the subject.

sky as negative space in architecture photography

6. Look for Abstract Patterns

When scouting for locations and subjects to photograph, keep an eye out for repeated patterns. Emphasize those patterns by zooming in for abstract yet neat compositions.

patterns in architecture photography

7. Create Symmetry

Humans have a thing for symmetry. It gives a sense of balance and calmness.

symmetry in architecture photography

Do you have any additional tips for architecture photography? Be sure to share them below!

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