Andy Samberg Tennis Photo Shoot

Photographer Walter Looss JR and Comedian Andy Samberg were asked by New York Times Magazine to take a look back at several iconic men’s tennis champions, including: Bjorn Borg, Jimmy Conners, Pete Sampas, Andre Agassi, and McEnroe.┬áTogether they recreated images of the tennis stars, nailing down personalities and looks until the resemblance was startling. They even captured Agassi’s characteristic puppy dog eyes and Conner’s infamous fist pump.

With the help of make up artists and extensive photo editing, they were able to recreate exact moments from championships, such as Wimbledon. The photographer, Walter Looss JR, talks about the most important photograph, a cover photo of Borg and McEnroe together, recreated to be as accurate as possible using Andy as both men.

tennis photo

Above is the real Borg and McEnroe.

“You look at the cover, I mean, it looks like 1980 but it’s 2011. It looks like Borg and McEnroe but it’s Andy and Andy. It was phenomenal.”

andy samberg tennis

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