Andes: The Print and the Process

andes ebook

Andes: The Print & Process

ANDES, The Print & The Process by Andrew S. Gibson was released today and takes readers on a fascinating journey through along the western coast of South America. The information is mostly general in nature, but it is interesting to read the thought process of a professional photographer on expedition.

With 75 pages, the first half of this ebook is just photos from the expedition (the print), the second half is where the author walks us through each shot and his thoughts on the trip (the process).

Gibson says “This eBook is for the dreamers, and I hope it inspires you to pick up your camera and go live out a dream or two. While you’re there, talk to the locals, learn a few words of their language and listen to their stories. And don’t forget to take some amazing and beautiful photos.”

Example photo description from the process section:

  • CAMERA Canon EOS 350D LENS 18mm
  • FSTOP f11 SHUTTER 1/160 ISO 100
  • LOCATION Salinas Grandes, Provincia de Salta, Argentina 2007

Holes cut in the Salinas Grandes for the purpose of extracting salt crystals. I saw that they lines of the holes and salt mounds would make a dramatic composition, leading the eye towards the mountains and strange cloud formations on the distant horizon. I waited until one of the salt workers walked into the frame to complete the composition.

print and process ebook

Andes: The Print & Process eBook

This is an interesting approach to photography – find a good background and wait until something happens in front of it. I didn’t have much time to wait here, but I looked for the most interesting visual elements and thought about how I could arrange them into a photo. I’d observed the men walking back and forth, and I knew that the man would walk into the frame. I’d decided on the composition and was ready for him when he did.

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