An Exercise in Creativity for Photographers

Sometimes even the best photographers find themselves in the midst of something like writer’s block. All the paths seem too well worn, all the favorite haunts photographed too many times, all the models looking the same after a while. Yet inspiration can be found anywhere, and according to the folks at Canon’s The Lab, even in ordinary objects:

The Lab has undertaken a set of six different experiments “designed to take you out of your comfort zone, and get you thinking—and shooting—in a different way.”

The experiement shown in the video above is very simple: six different photographers shoot a number of ordinary objects with only one rule–nobody takes the same shot twice. Each take has to be original in the context of this shoot.

Inspiring Creativity

What do you think? Would this be enough to get your creativity flowing? To push you out of your comfort zone? Do you think it would improve your photography? Or are there better ways to find inspiration? Perhaps ones that do not eventually end in the destruction of the object involved?

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