An Enchanting View of Paris Through a Classic Medium Format Camera

Paris is already such an enchanting city with its old narrow, meandering streets, romantic bridges, classic architecture and just an all-around charming feel. But look at those same Parisian streets and scenes through the view finder of an old medium format camera and everything just seems more real, more nostalgic. Here’s an enchanting short film portraying the city of love through a Pentax 67. If you weren’t a fan already, this video will make you fall in love with the city—and the camera:

“Paris Through Pentax” was created by photographers Mathieu Maury and Antoine Pai of production and advertising company Maison Carnot. It is a wonderful concept, telling a story of Paris and its characters through beautiful images and expression. (Via PetaPixel)

pentax 67 medium format

Maury and Pai used the classic Pentax 67, a medium format camera with a waist level view finder. They then rigged this camera and another one—a Blackmagic pocket camera—to a piece of wood so the pocket camera could record the Pentax viewfinder. They used black cardboard over the Pentax (with a hole cut out in it for the Blackmagic) to hide some shadows and make the images brighter.

They used a 105mm lens on the Pentax to capture the incredible images, which needed very little touching up in post. The photographers didn’t make any major edits in post-production, just some color grading. All images were actually captured as they are, in camera. Absolutely beautiful.

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