Amazing Microscopic Timelapse of Snowflakes Forming

If you thought snow was pretty before, you’ll love this. This microscopic view of snowflakes came out just in time to pick up our spirits during this freezing winter–set to a delicate piano background, the video depicts snowflakes as an undeniably beautiful ballet of piercing white movement:

The timelapse footage comes courtesy of Russian photographer and videographer Vyacheslav Ivanov, who specializes in outdoor adventure videos and microscopic views of everyday objects like snowflakes and acrylic paint (Via PetaPixel).


Some of the snowflakes look like blossoming flowers as they are formed in this timelapse.

Ivanov uses a full-frame 1:1 camera and and a macro lens to capture the blossoming flakes, which grow hexagonally as water molecules cling to each other in freezing temperatures. Kind of a warm thought, actually.

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