Alternative Engagement Photography Idea, Behind the Scenes

Finding a unique angle for your wedding photography can be tricky, but finding a couple willing to go along with some zany new idea can be even trickier. When British wedding photographer Simeon Quarrie met the soon-to-be-married Nikesh and Lalita, he knew he’d found kindred spirits willing to go along with his plot. They decided that their engagement photos would be eerie, unique, and a little gothic, and the results are pretty awesome:

Storyboards were drawn, locations scouted, costumes designed. The whole concept revolves around the woman being a sort of tied-up doll whom the groom-to-be rescues from this creaky wooden attic.


The style is predicated on almost operatically exaggerated aesthetics: big fake eyelashes, stiff hair, suspenders, and a strongly neutral color palette.


The shoot takes place primarily in this very cool rustic wooden studio space, and the whole crew seems pretty thrilled to be there.


One thing’s for sure: it definitely makes for some of the cooler engagement photos we’ve seen.


“The pre-production was very very tough. I definitely believe that the success of any shoot comes from the preparation.”

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