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Aerial photographer George Steinmetz is making waves again with a recent talk he delivered for National Geographic Live. Aside from his remarkable talent as a photographer, part of what sets Steinmetz’s work apart from others is the unique approach he takes to creating it. Aerial photography, as you probably know, is more traditionally taken from the security of an airplane or helicopter; however, Steinmetz was less than satisfied with tradition as he became more and more frustrated with it’s limitations. To get around his mounting dissatisfaction, he decided to take up paragliding, a hobby that would allow him to photograph the world in completely new ways. You can listen to his fascinating story right here:

Steinmetz’s photography is rooted and based from his desire to photograph all the world’s deserts, an undertaking that allows him to experience some truly breathtaking landscapes, but all that experience comes a cost. Steinmetz says his projects typically cost over $1000.

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“When you want to see wildlife, the plane is too fast. We were in a wildlife preserve and saw a herd of zebras and thought, “With my paraglider, we can probably herd the zebras…and get some great pictures. With a plane, you could never do that.”

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    It’s amazing pictures I’ve ever seen

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