Advertising Photography Session: Deadliest Catch

Go behind the scenes of an ad campaign. It is perhaps one of the most compelling fly on the wall documentaries on TV today. Discovery Channel’s Deadliest Catch follows the fortunes of deep sea fishermen as they battle the elements and many other dangers to bring back their marine bounty. In this short video, we see Arizona advertising photographer Blair Bunting shooting one of the stars for a Discovery Channel poster ad:

The video shows the complexity of the shoot from the make up artists, to the use of props such as wind machines and effects such as dowsing the fisherman with water. Shot on a Nikon D3x out of a neutral grey background the final image is a compelling and strangely amusing composite of shots.

photo for ad campaign

Deadliest Catch Photo for Ad Campaign

The portrait shot itself is a homage to the highly fashionable Dragan look. Developed by Andrzej Dragan, this distinctive look features very high contrast and distinctive color.

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