Advanced Off-Camera Flash Photography

Isn’t it funny how you can just spot pro-caliber photos? They stand out. They POP in some special way. Know why? Here’s a hint: they masterfully add LIGHT to their photos. This new in-depth course is designed to help you give your photos that unmistakeable, polished, jaw-dropping “professional” look. Found here: Advanced Off-Camera Flash Photography

advanced flash photography

New: Advanced Off-Camera Flash Photography (Click to Learn More)

In the past, “adding light” required expensive, cumbersome studio gear that only the pros could afford (and which required a crew of assistants to take on location). Today, off-camera flash allows you to quickly and easily create professional-looking lighting—with a small kit of gear that fits in your bag.

But the right know-how is essential. There’s a dizzying array of complicated flashes, flash triggers, light modifiers and gadgets out there, all claiming to be indispensable. This course will cut through the noise and show you the handful of truly essential, inexpensive items that Phil Steele has settled on after nearly a decade of off-camera flash photography.

You’ll also see exactly how Steele uses it all in real-world shooting situations—ranging from headshots and portraits to fashion, locations, architecture, and even product photography.

Some of the Many Topics Covered:

How to Choose the Right Gear – Don’t waste your money. I’ve spent my own time and money so that you don’t have to! Let me guide you to the best products and best practices that I’ve discovered in nearly a decade of off-camera flash photography.

How to Shoot at Night – Take beautiful night portraits using background lights for a glamourous bokeh effect. Also learn which flash triggers can help you focus in the dark.

flash photo at night

Flash Photo at Night

How to Photograph Objects and Products – Master the art of tabletop photography for selling on eBay or simply capturing beautiful objects. Learn how to create a pure white background and how to use multiple flashes for a more professional look.

Create Beautiful Headshots with Shallow Depth-of-Field – Master the art of daylight portrait photography using High-Speed-Sync to control your shutter speed, allowing you to use wide apertures for blurry backgrounds, even in full sunlight.

Light People Full-Length with Speedlights – You don’t need a big studio strobe to light subjects from head-to-foot, even outdoors in daylight. With the right light modifiers and the right technique you can do it with just 2 speedlights.

Use Colored Gels for Drama and Mood – Learn how simple colored gels can transport your photos to another world, or add excitement to any event—plus, which gels I always keep in my camera bag and why.

Go Mobile with Your Portraits – See how a small softbox carried by an assistant can free you to take fast, mobile portraits of individuals or couples, on the fly, in any setting.

flash photo outside

Professional results

Create Drama with Flash Backlighting – This simple trick for event photography can make any event look more exciting, but you need to know exactly which flash triggers to use for the best effect.

Understand Hard and Soft Light – Learn what makes light “hard” or “soft” and see exactly which light modifiers can give you the power to create beautiful, portable light that is flattering to your subjects.

How to Remove Your Own Lights from Your Photos – Did you ever see a photo and think: “Where can that light possibly be coming from?” Sometimes the photographer has tricked you by removing lights in post-production. Learn the clever trick that allows you to do this easily in a few seconds.

How to Use Handheld Flash for Better Event Photography – Learn which flash triggers give you the best of both worlds—allowing you to switch instantly from on-camera flash to off-camera handheld flash for better event photos.

How to Overpower the Sun with Speedlights – Learn how you can completely control the sun—even at noon—using nothing but speedlights. You can even underexpose the background and overpower the sun using nothing but flash. No studio strobes needed!

flash silhouette

Off camera flash silhouette (click to see more)

“Finally a photography course to get EXCITED about. The techniques laid out in this course not only deliver immediate (and truly dramatic) results, but also will change how I’ll be shooting serious photos the rest of my life. Phil Steele can teach like few others. Whatever your experience, the material here will open up to you an entirely new realm of photographic possibilities.” -Sebastian Michaels

Plus it includes a 60 day happiness guarantee so there is no risk in trying it.

Found here: Advanced Off-Camera Flash Photography

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  1. Emmanuel Ukwu says:

    I seriously wish to buy your advanced off camera flash pho0tography techniques. I have in the past tried off camera flash in my photograhs and they were amazing. The problem I have now is that I am retired and depend on my meagre pension for income. I can only manage to squeeze out some money to buy your course at the end of the current month when I shall receive my pay.

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