The Advanced Composition Photography Guide at 52% Off

This new in-depth guide rolls years and years of practical knowledge, condensed into 184 pages packed with training, illustrations, and assignments. Advanced Composition goes far beyond knowing what composition is… (or, even knowing what the tools of composition are). With this guide you will learn to SEE light, shadow, lines, curves, space, repetition, and focal points. Develop the SKILLS of anticipation, pre-visualization, and timing that are core to capturing great photography. We were able to negotiate a 52% discount for our readers today which ends soon. Deal found here: The Advanced Composition Guide at 52% Off

advanced composition

New: The Advanced Composition Guide at 52% Off (Click to Learn More)

Broken into 20 easy-to-follow chapters, it delves DEEP into the artistic and technical aspects of photographic composition.

Some of the Many Topics Covered:

  • Why the human eye is attracted to light objects over dark objects
  • How to train your mind to simplify composition for professional results
  • Why the use of repetition is so important
  • How to tell a story through graphic elements
  • Why your choice of aspect ratio can vastly affect a viewer’s reaction to your photograph
  • Why the use of multiple focal points rarely works
  • How to assign ‘weight’ to elements within your photograph and how the distribution of that weight creates balance or imbalance
  • How to recognize disparate elements that can come together to create a great photograph
  • How to quickly establish the BEST composition possible and get the photograph before your picture disappears
  • How to choreograph multiple moving elements and SEE the picture in your mind as it develops
  • And much, much more…
table of contents

Table of Contents for Advanced Composition (Click to See More Pages)

About the Author:
Kent DuFault has helped thousands of photographers like you, with his various best-selling books. He has an incredible teaching method. It’s simple to follow, easy to understand and never boring. Imagine sitting down with an old friend for a fireside chat. That’s what learning from Kent is like. The art of masking can seem intimidating. With this guide Kent provides you with easy step-by-step instructions.

How to Get a Discounted Copy Today (With Bonuses):

We were able to negotiate a 52% discount (normally $40, currently just $19). It also comes with an unbeatable 90-day, double-your-money-back guarantee so there’s no risk in trying it. Plus, you’ll get the complete collection of 7 composition tutorial videos by travel photographer Jason Row as a bonus – all of which ends soon.

Deal found here: The Advanced Composition Guide at 52% Off

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