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Once you arrive at the advanced levels of composition it is no longer about leading lines or natural framing, it is not the rule of thirds or the golden ratio. Advanced composition is the ability to use these guides to arrange the elements and create a story that has the power to communicate our thoughts, stories, passions, and emotions to our audience through our photography. This new course is currently 93% off today if you want to check it out. Deal found here: Advanced Composition Course at 93% Off

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Advanced Composition Tutorials (see inside)

The biggest difference between masterpieces and happy snaps is exceptional composition.

Let’s be honest everyone with an iPhone can take a photo that shows us what the scene looked like, however, only the greatest photographers can convey the feeling of being there.

The greats of the past are not revered due to their ability to show you what your eye can already see, they are considered the greatest because of their incredible ability to express their thoughts, stories, passions, and emotions in ways that the audience can feel and relate to.

The greatest photos and paintings of all time can make us want to jump with joy, tremble in fear, shed a tear in sadness, buzz with excitement and take our breath away with sheer awesomeness.

The ability to communicate emotionally is not only common to all great artworks it is in fact what makes them great in the first place.

Included in the Course:

  • The Art of Storytelling Video 1/3
  • The Art of Storytelling Video 2/3
  • The Art of Storytelling Video 3/3
  • The 7 Step Composition Sequence for Creating Stories that move your audience
  • 1x Video lesson – How to use Light, Colour and Contrast to tell your story
  • 1 x Video Lesson – Using Metaphors and Symbols to add mystery and intrigue to your photos
  • Bonus Video – See the Raw Files (starting point) behind my most popular photos
  • Mini Ebook pocket guide to download to your phone and keep with you at all times
  • Buy Today Bonus #1 The Post Processing Secret to photos with more impact, more WOW! (Get in quick)
  • Buy Today Bonus #2 Download the entire course and view offline (Get in quick)
  • 365 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Full Email Support, Your Questions answered quickly
  • Access to the Easy Way Photography Private Facebook Group

But, what if I don’t feel anything when I’m out shooting my landscape photos…?

How do I capture the emotion of a scene when I don’t feel anything when I am shooting?

This is a common question among my students and one that I completely understand. I felt exactly the same way when I first began my journey into creating photographs with more feeling.

Let me compare these two scenarios and prove that you do in fact feel something when you are out shooting.

Scenario #1 – Think about the most breathtaking incredible moment you ever had the privilege of photographing, maybe the sky was exploding with color, a burst of golden light, a dramatic thunderstorm or the peace and tranquility of being alone in a truly spectacular location.

Think back to that moment, how did you feel? Maybe, uplifted, invigorated, excited, energized, or maybe calm, relaxed and peaceful.

composition tutorials

Advanced Composition Course

Now let’s take a look at Scenario #2 – It is a cold, wet, grey, Monday morning and you have to get out of your warm bed, get in your car and fight the traffic to start another week doing the job you really hate doing.

Even if you have never experienced having to do a job that seems to suck the life out of you, you can likely imagine how that might feel. depressing, deflating, sluggish, dark, maybe even angry.

If you can sense the different emotional state between those two scenarios then you are on your way to creating great photos that move your audience!

During this course, Adam Williams is going to teach you how to use the compositional tools and arrange all the elements in a way that tells more interesting, more meaningful, more purposeful, more emotive stories with your photographs.

A great photograph is one that fully expresses what one feels, in the deepest sense, about what is being photographed.” – Ansel Adams

How to Get the Course for a Discount Today:

This full in-depth photography course is currently 93% off which ends soon. Plus they are including a bonus video tutorial with the offer. It also comes with a generous 365 day happiness guarantee so there’s no risk in trying it.

Deal ending soon: The Advanced Composition Photography Course at 93% Off

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