Action Sequence Photograph for the Golf Digest Cover: Behind the Scenes

Multiple exposures are a great way to capture motion and action, and few know this better than sports and commercial photographer Dylan Coulter. With his trademark multiple exposure technique, he has captured star athletes from every sport—most recently for the Sochi Winter Olympics, and the cover of the January issue of Golf Digest magazine. Shooting Hunter Mahan, Coulter uses multiple exposures to capture the golfer’s championship-winning swing:

Having begun his career as an art director, Coulter decided to make the transition to photography while working for Adidas. “I started to formulate opinions on how sports could be photographed differently. . .┬áBeautiful lighting, minimal sets, shorter lens,” he said in a 2010 interview.

golf digest cover

Hunter Mahan takes a swing during the shoot.

The setup for the cover shoot is simple, but precise. Using only a white backdrop, but meticulously perfect lighting, Coulter shows how he has put his vision for sports photography to work.

A view of the set.

A view of the set.

Golf Digest cover photo featuring multiple exposures.

Golf Digest cover photo featuring multiple exposures.

The resulting image is visually arresting and filled with movement.

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