Abstract Light Painting Photography with a Light Sword

Light painting is such a great technique for anyone who wants to create unique results each and every time. With the use of small light sources such as lasers, flashlights, torches and more, one can literally do anything with a blank space. Patrick Rochon’s light source of choice was a customized light sword piece that he wore on his hands. The video below is entitled “The Light Painting KATA” and shows Rochon moving about in a dark room lit only by the light swords:

“The Light Painting KATA is the expression of our light and the trace we leave behind.” ~Patrick Rochon

Rochon believes that light painting is all about the movement, a mix of dancing and martial arts.

light painting KATA movement

light painting with light swords

With the use of a dark room and a long exposure, different strokes are made with the light swords, creating images with varies effects. Seen here are the smooth lines of light painting combined with other textures caused by the waving of the sword.

pink light painting

light painting movement

With light painting, it’s great fun to discover the many, many possibilities one can chance upon just by performing random movements. Even if you move purposefully, chances are the final image will be slightly different from what you had originally envisioned. That element of mystery is what draws so many people to this craft, both amateur and professional.

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One response to “Abstract Light Painting Photography with a Light Sword”

  1. Stephen says:

    Really cool works! I’m just started light painting about 8 months or so ago http://www.oravecphotography.com/search/label/Light-painting

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