Abstract Food Photography Setup

Known for his innovative and sometimes risque cuisine, ‘Demon Chef’ Alvin Leung lets us go behind the scenes during the making of a creative food art book. Danish photographer RenĂ© Riis simply, yet beautifully, captures the Demon Chef’s creations–dubbed X-Treme Chinese–which push the limits and leave our mouths watering:

Riis worked directly with Leung to photograph the chef’s unique and improvised cuisine. His goal was to make the shots a little more abstract, since Leung doesn’t use a lot of ingredients. Riis keeps the shots simple, without props like forks or unnecessary dishes, to create truly stunning and crisp images.

rene riis photographer

Riis says he likes to use Hasselblad cameras because they give the shots better quality and sharpness. For this specific shoot, Riis used a Hasselblad H4D system and Broncolor IRX 2 studio lighting.

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