A Street Photographer’s Unwavering Determination

Street photographer Flo Fox was born blind in one eye. As she approached the age of thirty, the vision in her other eye became fuzzy. And later she started walking with a cane, one leg dragging stubbornly behind her. She saw a neurologist, who diagnosed her with multiple sclerosis. But even that didn’t stop her. Now getting around using a wheelchair, Fox also carries the diagnosis of lung cancer. Despite all of these barriers, she’s taken a camera with her everywhere for 40 years, photographing daily life in New York City.

Watch this short documentary film to learn more about this talented artist who perseveres despite any barriers thrown her way:

Fox bought a camera with her first paycheck when whe was 26. A confident photographer, she leveraged her strong will and youthful beauty to gain access to sights unseen by many other New Yorkers. She even talked and charmed her way into the World Trade Centers during their construction. Her black and white images of life in Greenwich Village show a bold connection between the photographer and her subjects. Over the years, she’s kept that sense of confidence.




Though she became disabled at a young age, Fox never let her medical issues get in the way of her strong, artful spirit. Today, as she navigates the streets with caregivers, she still sees the world in a fresh, optimistic light. Unable to press the shutter button herself, she asks her caretakers to take photos with the camera strapped around her neck, guiding them with verbal instructions along the way.



We all face barriers big and small. This story is a sharp reminder to all of us that determination is the key to success. There are no obstacles too big for Flo Fox to clear. She is and will be a photographer. What’s getting in the way of your photography?

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2 responses to “A Street Photographer’s Unwavering Determination”

  1. Deb Buchanan says:

    Ms Fox…your courage is remarkable! It goes to show how much a person can love something as much as you love your photography which is also your anesthetic for life. You’re a unique soul. God Bless You!

  2. Hatem Kotb says:

    This is indeed very touching … and inspiring!
    May God bless her soul..

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